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What we do

Teachpals is where you can connect with other expat teachers in your city, transforming your overseas experience into a whole new story

Where we are

We are now in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and we are working hard to come soon to all cities.



23 Schools

Connect with teachers in this amazing city.



12 Schools

Great weather and lots of fun in this city.


Hong Kong

43 schools

Coming soon to this crazy fun and modern city.

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Every new friendship Counts! You never know… you might meet your new soulmate or just someone to go swimming next weekend.

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Moving away? No need to throw away or ship the stuff you don’t need anymore. Someone in your city might be looking for that
Buy from other teachers, you’ll be glad you won’t need to bring that heavy table.


Feel right at home! Now you know all the places you can go in your new city. Finally found that Nail Spa where they speak english?  Let other teachers know about it and share the love!

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